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Posted on 01-30-2017

Tips for Good Flossing Habits from Your Dentist in La Mesa!

That nagging feeling that a piece of food has become stuck between your teeth is actually a welcome reminder for you to keep flossing after meals. Your dentist in La Mesa has noticed that many patients forget to floss their teeth on a regular basis. To help you keep your gums and teeth healthy in between teeth cleaning appointments, we offer the following tips for good flossing habits.

girl flossing her teeth

Daily Flossing Is an Essential Part of Your Routine Dental Care

Any San Diego Dentist or dentist practicing in La Mesa will tell you that gum disease is avoidable, so long as you remember to take care of your daily flossing after meals. Dental care is not just something you do at the dentist’s office when you come in for teeth cleaning. 

Here are tips to help you and your family develop good flossing habits:

  • Try flossing between just two teeth on the first day. It might seem silly, but it’s the same idea as dipping your toe into a pool to test if the water is cold. The next day, double the amount of teeth you floss and continue adding more teeth every few days or so until you are comfortable flossing every tooth in your mouth.
  • Set a daily recurring calendar alert on your smartphone to make a sound that reminds you to floss, such as before bedtime.
  • Carry floss with you so it will easy and convenient to take care of your teeth when eating away from home. Toss some floss containers into your briefcase, backpack, purse and the glove compartment in your vehicle. Keep floss at your desk at work.
  • Cues and reminders in your environment can be a major motivator to floss on a regular basis. Put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror so you will be reminded to take care of your teeth when you brush your hair or wash your hands.

Avoid Gum Disease By Flossing Daily and Visiting Your La Mesa Dentist for Periodic Teeth Cleaning 

Taking care of your teeth requires flossing after meals on a regular basis. You also must make sure to come in to see the dentist for teeth cleaning according to the schedule you set up. If you need a La Mesa dentist or a San Diego dentist, Authentic Dental Designs is standing by to help. Contact us today if you have questions about flossing or would like to make an appointment.

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